Apr 28, 2015 - Noisia Studios with the outside shells finished and painted, computer boxes installed. We're now moving to phase 2. Yes, we're not done... - More to come.


Since 2001, Northward has designed or consulted for 200+ clients on 4 continents. Some of our recent clients include:

  • "Northward and Thomas are every inch professionals in every sense. The attention to detail on my project was outstanding and Thomas worked hard to complete the design to a standard that even I was amazed by. My studio sounds ridiculous! By far the best sounding room I have ever worked in."
    Lewis Hopkins - Stardelta Mastering
    Maroon 5, Foreign Beggars, Kelis, New Model Army, Black Sun Empire, Universal, Ministry of Sound, EMI, Island Records, ...
  • "The CR is so accurate, after more than a year of mixing in it, it still feels a little like cheating. There is no guessing anymore, the lowend is super extended and clear.
    But I am not surprised; Northward add real science to their designs, and adapt to each specific situation. Highly recommended!"
    Dirk Brouns - Studio Maasland, The Netherlands,
  • "Northward Acoustics’ experience, skill set, and talents far exceed anything I have ever heard in my 16 years working as a professional producer and mixer.  The way the room seamlessly integrates into my daily work flow, enhancing confidence, quick decision making, and clean comfort, has become invaluable to me.  Simply put, my Northward Acoustics control room changed my business profoundly."
    J.Hall, Nashville, TN, U.S.A. - Producer

    Young the Giant, The Deltas Saints, Taddy Porter, Hidden Hospitals, Madam Adam, …
  • "I've worked in several studios over the years, but upon hearing Northward's upgraded acoustics in my mastering room I was blown away -  truly jaw-dropping frequency response and imaging! My clients have also been blown away, many commenting that the room was the best sounding room they had ever heard. Thomas Jouanjean is a true pleasure to work with - the perfect combination of knowledge and experience that allows him to create the ideal work space. Thanks Again Tom!"
    Brad Blackwood, Euphonic Masters, Memphis, TN, U.S.A.
    Grammy and Pensado Award winning Mastering Engineer
    Alison Krauss & Union Station, KoRn, Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Maroon 5, ...
  • "Collaborating with Northward Acoustics to build my new mastering room has been a great experience. From the first general discussions about room design down to the last finishing touches, Thomas showed an attention to detail, depth of knowledge and a sheer commitment to see the project through to a successful conclusion that was a wonder to behold. Highly recommended!"
    Darius Van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering, The Netherlands.

    Noisia, I am Legion, No Black Tie, Blaudzun, Delta, Anouk, ...