Noisia, Martijn's Room, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Northward Systems & Studio Furniture

The Northward Acoustics Systems are currently available only within an upgrade or design contract. All systems are custom built to specifications for each project.

We can provide the following: 

    • Very low natural frequency Decoupling Nacelle Systems for in-wall and in-glass mounting of main speakers:
    • 756 and 874/876 type PRD diffusors specifically calculated & engineered for FTB rooms
    • Heavy loads custom spring systems for floating floors, including recoil systems for seismic areas.

Studio and Mastering Suite premium custom furniture based on our Northward Systems PRO series designs (available ca. Q4-2015 / Q1-2016). The ‘standard’ systems & sizes listed here are for reference only:

    • Pro Series Mastering Console Standard
    • Pro Series Mastering Console Premium with piston regulated rack bay angle control
    • Pro Series Digital Music Producer Desk (DMP) with optional 6HE center section
    • Pro Series Digital Music Producer 1x12HE Racking system single bay
    • Pro Series Digital Music Producer 2x12HE Racking system double bay
    • Table Top for DMP rack
    • Extra 6HE for 12HE Racking system single and double bay
    • Pro Series Studio 1x14HE racking system single bay
    • Pro Series Studio 2x14HE racking system double bay
    • Table Top for racking system

We will update this page with an on-line shop, documentation and photos as soon as we start full production.

Please contact us for more information.

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