You can contact us by phone from 9:00 til 18:30 Monday to Friday local time.
Please call outside these hours for urgent matters only.

For general Enquiries, mail or call:

Europe (Headquarters)
Northward Acoustics Europe 

Administrative Headquarters 
367 Avenue Louise,
1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Design & Engineering Offices 
26 Heymansdries,
1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Belgium.

Thomas Jouanjean
Designer, Acoustics Engineering
eMail: thomas.jouanjean at northwardacoustics.com
Europe Cell: +32-(0)486-534-559 (always on)
U.S.A Cell: +1-(347)-324-6610 (only on when in North America)

Silvia Santafé Iribarren
Assistant Designer
eMail: silvia.santafe at northwardacoustics.com
Europe Cell: +32-(0)489-358-799

United States of America & Canada

Northward Acoustics North America

Los Angeles (offices):
1625 East Washington blvd,
Pasadena CA 91104.

Ruairi O'Flaherty
eMail: ruairi at northwardacoustics.com
Cell: +1-(805)-286-5847

New-york (main contractor)

The Dennis Darcy Construction Group
174 West 4th St.
New York, NY 10014.

Dennis Darcy
eMail: dennis at theddcg.com
Web: www.theddcg.com
Offices: +1-(646)-345-9569

Asia - Pacific

Moko Aguswan

Northward Acoustics Asia

Jakarta, Indonesia.
Mobile: +628176400620
eMail: mokobigbro at gmail.com